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'Don't fear resistance, it's your opportunity to train a better reaction'



Private and semi-private 1 day clinics are conducted regularly throughout Australia and New Zealand. These sessions, restricted to a maximum of three riders, will introduce you and your horse to groundwork and riding techniques based on equitation science.
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Private and group lessons are available upon request in Victoria, Australia. Conducted at your own riding facilities, you and your horse will benefit from one-on-one training with Jonna to improve your riding partnership using equitation science principles.
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Workshops are conducted regularly throughout Australia and New Zealand, and can be arranged at your own riding facilities upon request. These 1 day sessions, combine theory and practical learning to overcome common training and behavioural issues.
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Personalised Training Packages

Personalised training packages are designed for riders experiencing urgent and problematic behaviours with their horses that may restrict them from attending clinics or lessons. You will receive one-on-one support, which may include on-site training and ongoing support.
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Jonna's Story

Jonathan's first riding experience was in King Island as a young boy of seven, following closely in the footsteps of his father who was a distinguished show jump rider and his mother, a very successful coach and dressage rider.

With his younger brother, he began pony club and loved to ride around the coastal hills of King Island, jumping and galloping over this rough terrain.

In 1986, Jonna became interested in equine training in Tasmania. He then helped begin the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC) with his brother Andrew Mclean and Andrew’s wife Manuela for 10 years in Clonbinane, Victoria. These training principles, which have been backed by extensive research, to successfully train and retrain horses in Australia and internationally, enabled him to create his own opportunities in 1997.

Jonna was contracted to work at Morningside Pastoral Co, managed by Peter Clarke between 1997-2000. He was responsible for breaking in and training local and international stock, and managing the horses’ transport to Hong Kong for international sales. In addition, Jonna managed the arrival and care of stock from Hong Kong to breeze-up and point of sale, including habituation to the different environment, and education of track riders and ground staff.

In 2001 Jonna established his farm called Landsend, a beautiful property tucked away in the bushland of Clonbinane, Victoria, where he lives with his partner Caroline Bentley, a highly successful coach and dog trainer in her own right.

Here he has produced elite performance horses from introductory to advanced international level. Breaking in and educating horses for eventing, dressage and racing for clients and conducting lessons, clinics and workshops in riding and equitation science.

Jonna currently holds an Associate Diploma in Equitation Science and the NCAS Level 2 Eventing Specialist Coaching Certificate.

Four Star Competitions
Sydney World Cup
Teacher at Melbourne Polytechnic (NMIT)

How Is Jonna Different?



Jonna, as he is known by his friends, has also been a teacher at Melbourne Polytechnic (NMIT) for 21 years, lecturing in Racing, Horse Breeding and Equine Science. He is an extremely popular teacher and remains friend and mentor to many of his students.

As a competition rider Jonna has qualified for 4 Star entry three times in 2004, 2005 & 2006. He won at the Sydney World Cup (FEI 1 star) in 2010 and has competed successfully in Dressage, Show Jumping and CT for many years.

As a trainer and coach, Jonna is in high demand and is currently conducting clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand, teaching riders with experience ranging from novice to the highest level event riders.



Over the years Jonathan has owned many of his own horses and one of his favourites was a horse called Woodmount Lannark (Kellogs).

Kellogs was bought from the sales by Jonna as a yearling with a reputation as a problem horse. Jonna broke him in, educated him and went on to compete up to CCI 3* level.

This successful combination were qualified twice for CCI 4* level. Sadly Kellogs passed away recently but is not far from Jonathan even in death as he has a special grave on the farm in Clonbinane, Victoria.



Jonna is well respected throughout Australia and internationally for his ability to coach riders and horses to compete successfully at all levels. In 2014 he was asked to travel to Kuwait to run workshops and clinics for the mounted police, where he was required to desensitise the police horses and train the riders by using a number of frightening objects. The horses were trained to ignore their surroundings and stay focused on the riders’ cues and commands.

Jonna conducts workshops for Racing Victoria in the ‘Off the Track’ program for retired racehorses and has a widespread reputation for his incredible skills as a trainer and re-educator of horses.

In 2014 he went to India with Andrew McLean on a voluntary basis, to help guide Mahouts to train young elephants for riding and work details in Assam and Kerela.  His love of animals and sensitivity to their needs is clearly evident.



Another passion of Jonna’s has been to train with CFA to assist with large animal rescue. This then lead to him training large animal rescue volunteers to have a better understanding of horse behaviour in order to make the process less dangerous for volunteers, the public and the animals. He now runs a Basic Horse Handling and Advanced Horse Handling workshops for large animal rescue volunteers.

One of Jonna’s favourite quotes is; ‘Don’t fear resistance, it’s your opportunity to train a better reaction’

It is this vast understanding of animal behaviour combined with patience and empathy that makes Jonna such a skilled and sought after trainer.

Jonna’s passion is helping people and horses alike, his aim is to provide a clear and ethical, safe and sustainable training style that is fun!

Free First Consultation

Are you experiencing a problem in your groundwork, riding or training with your horse? With Jonna’s support, you will be empowered to overcome it with equitation science.

Send your question directly to Jonna using the contact form opposite and you he will reply to you via email with his training advice.

Only questions received via this form will be responded to free of charge. Complex training and behavioural issues may require more personalised support.

Our Team

Jonna and gracie

Jonna McLean

Coach and Trainer

Jonna is well respected throughout Australia and internationally for his ability to coach riders and horses to compete successfully at all levels.

Deborah Jones

Administrator, Event Organiser

Debbie Jones has been riding and working with horses for more than 40 years, with experience in the horse racing industry and a love of all areas of equestrian fields. Debbie works full time as a teacher of the racing and track riding courses at Melbourne Polytechnic, and tries to instil in her students a sound understanding of how horses learn to enable them to be better horse handlers. She has been a friend of Jonna’s for 15 years and joins the Train to Win team to manage the information and assist with bookings.

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